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"Il Giardino" by designer Dorin Frankfort

Being the Dame of Israeli fashion, Dorin Frankfort’s work is something that's always worth tracking of. The senior fashion designer who makes small boutique collections, launches a sublime Fall-winter 2019-20 collection which pays homage to "The Garden of the Finzi-Contini" - novel written by the Italian Jewish author Giorgio Bassani, that was published at1962 and gained world fame, when became a memorable film directed by the iconic Vittorio De Sica.

Tailored but soft, with mostly black and white and floral, 5 models of the collection are especially recommended:

Top, 107 euro. pants. 95 euro. shoes, 179 euro. photo: Asaf Einy


Top, 95 euro. pants, 135 euro. photo: Asaf Einy


Jacket, 102 euro. pants, 99 euro. photo: Asaf Einy


Dress, 165 euro. photo: Asaf Einy


Dress, 204 euro. photo: Asaf Einy


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