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Shoe Fantasy by inch2

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

At first there were only 5 shoe models, which unsurprisingly reached out, in no time, to a vast global fashionable audience. The fine brains and talents that stand for these desirable designs, are Olga and Edward Peterson. She is an architect and a fashionista, the establisher of fashion blog. He is an online marketing expert, and together they established their brand at Riga in 2014.

The designs are, as they say, are “a blend of masculine allure and feminine elegance for women who prefer the masculine style and for men who don't forget about style in detail”. They manufacture at same Portugal workshops that produce shoes for luxury brands, and

along the way they collaborated with the Georgian singer Keti Topuria

and her fashion brand KETIone, and with Pauline Ducruet, daughter of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco.


Inch2 dusty pink brogue boots. 345 euro at


Inch2 bubble gum closed toe sandals. Now 195 euro at


Inch2 Sigma mules. Now 140 euro at


Inch2 Dapper pointed toe laced up boots. 320 euro at


Inch2 Xtina urban sandals. Now 180 euro at


Inch2 black vintage bag. 390 euro at


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