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Mirit Weinstock Brings You Japanese Harmony

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

She Takes traditional symbols like pearls, and makes a modern statement out of them. She ties timeless bows into cool contemporary declaration – It’s defiantly time to fall in love with designer and artist Mirit Weinstock.

Based in Tel Aviv, living in Tokyo, Weinstock is one of the most interesting, talented and original designers currently working in the jewelry world. Although her professional past includes an internship at Lanvin and Alexander McQueen, and later on, a foundation of her own fine clothing line, at the end she decided to focus exclusively on jewelry design, making her way straight to the mythical Colette store in Paris.

It’s a pleasure to see how the cultural experience she goes through in Tokyo, where she moved with her daughter, is reflected in her work. Naturally, her main inspiration is Japanese culture and handicrafts. The fabulous name of her current collection is 'Rain, bow’ where you can find an impressive handmade forms that are dipped in silver, to create silver-cast elements. The silver elements retain the texture and lightness of the original unique materials. Natural pearls are strung into petals creating floral peptic ultra-feminine earrings, and a chain of tiny natural raindrop-like pearls are joint with bows to create neckpieces and ear cuffs.

Inspired by the striking greens and vibrant blossoms of Japanese gardens, in many of the jewelry you can feel the movement and dynamic design. It's easy to imagine how the bow has just been tied even thought it's is made up from gold ,and to notice how the eyelash&pearl earring winks at you.

Her art becomes complete with zoom lectures she gives, in collaboration with Shodo - the Japanese Calligraphy School based in Tel Aviv. In addition and she invites you to start your own journey to Japanese culture via WA boxes she created. The kanji character 和 "WA" means “Japanese", "Japanese style" and "Harmony", and the packages that are delivered to your door, are specially curated boxes of Japanese objects.


Semi Sweet Sparkling Hearts Earrings. 211 euro at


Petite Folded Heart & Pearl Pendant. Now 118 euro at


Folded Bird Ring. 203 euro at


Folded Bird Ring. 203 euro at


Agate Turquoise Hoops. Now 91 euro at


Folded Heart Swinging Ring. 165 euro at


Drop Shapes & Pearls Earrings. 275 euro at

Bow & Pearl Neckpiece with "Raindrops" Pearls Chain. 288 euro at


Silver sterling eyelash&drop pearl single earring. 148 euro at


White Pearls Statement Hoops. Now 105 euro at



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