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Mediterranean chic by Forte Forte

“Nothing is more unexpected than a project being born from pure intuition. A passionate, heartfelt path through discovery, the quest for emotional enlightenment and pure beauty”

This inspiring manifesto, was written by two ambitions Italians brothers, Giada and Paolo Forte, that stand behind the beautiful fashion label Forte Forte.

They launched their first small collection 18 years ago, and what started as a small hand–finished T–shirt line, became today’s one of the most exotic labels, that brings you Mediterranean luxury boohoo chic.

Their roots can be found in the family’s knitwear factories, and as they say at their beautiful website, it was programmatic decision to grow slow and organic. It led them to gradually open boutiques, at Italy and rest of Europe, the United States and japan, where they sell intimate items with great attention for small details.


Forte Forte abstract print kimono jacket. now 434 euro at


Forte Forte abstract print straight trousers, Now 301 euro at


Forte Forte beaded-fringe crossbody bag. 136 euro (Tax included) at


"Papillons Gitans" print long dress, now 326 euro at


Forte Forte shoe with knot detail in lurex taffeta, 245 euro (Tax in cluded)


Forte Forte silk and viscose kaftan with "guadeloupe" print, Now euro 556.50 (Tax included) at


Forte Forte suede choker with pearls, 65 euro (Tax included ) at


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