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Meet the Mother of All

What started as beautifully affordable evening gowns line, made by 2 talented creators, soon became a huge success in Tel Aviv and beyond and this is the story behind Mother of All.

The founders, Noa Pasternak and Golan Taub, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design graduad, started making clothes together in 2018. They decided to name their brand after Ave – the Mother of us all, the first woman, who was definitely a feminine, sexy, strong one.

They use fabrics as silk, satin, chiffon and cashmere, in order to make colorful designs of elegancy. The dresses's silhouettes quickly became popular and shirts and pants were gradually added to the collection. Right from the start they decided to never compromise on the fabrics's quality and they always think about the technique that stands behind the design, and how it will be sewn within the price range. for that case for example, no manual sewing is done.

We invite you to taste from the forbidden fruit. These are our 7 favorite designs


Gisele dress.301 euro at


Rosie dress. 251 euro at


Lise dress. 181 euro at

Cloudia silk dress. Now 113 euro at


Nina dress. 251 euro at


Heidi Pants. Now 105 euro at


Ira Cashmere knit. 251 euro at



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