My Goya love affire

A blast of color started in Copenhagen 2006, and since than it has sent rainbow arms to best reputed department stores around the world. The variegated establisher Stine Goya, sees colors as a kind of raw material, as she says in her own words “Colors can be mixed in infinite ways, creating new shades that tell personal tales of color, style and print”.

Best net boutiques introduce Goya's different models, making sure one can easily find his own personal Goya style. Putting Goya in search, for example, will put you in a sever ״beauty dizziness” with approximately 400 different styles revealed.

As Stine Goya has now become the official pandemic fatigue reliever, Here are our Magnificent Seven:

Rita tote bag. 25 euro at

Sana Sweater. 218.75 euro at

Printes midi dress. 343 euro at

Molly Iphon cover 6/7/8. 35 euro at

Brenda pants. 155 euro at

Carli Belted Shirt Dress .308 euro at

Reflection Wrap Dress Rosegarden. Now 220 euro at


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