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HANNAH is Living in the moment

Striving for fine fashion and perfection, Nir Goeta and Rotem Mitz-Goeta, design beautiful accurate clothes in their small HANNAH boutique located in the center of Tel aviv. Now, the married couple and Shenkar College of Design graduates, launch new spring-summer collection that was designed before Corona era.

The new exciting collection is based on Denim, and was designed as a complete wardrobe rather than a couple of jeans pairs, with an extra touch of the minimalistic hand of the two. “We really liked the fact that Jeans as a raw material, with different thicknesses and finishes, got a different character each time we used it”, they say in a special interview to Miss.E, “the fact that we have chosen to base the collection on one material only, motivated us to explore more silhouettes, details and new work techniques”.

The result is a collection of Denim items, that can be worn during working hours and even evenings. The collection includes a limited edition of T-shirts and T-shirt-dressess under the name Ukiyo - a Japanese expression meaning “live the moment, leave Life's worries behind". “We didn't even imagine how relevant it would become. In this challenging period it reminds us that everything is so fragile that there is no choice but to be present here and now, to stop, rest, look in and just enjoy the moment."


HANNAH Ukiyo Black T-shirt, 91 euro at photo: Lena Zeldaz


HANNAH Haruki Denim Jacket, 389 euro at photo: Lena Zeldaz


HANNAH Nikko Striped Shirt, 161 euro photo: Lena Zeldaz


HANNAH Haruki Denim Dress, 240 euro at photo: Lena Zeldaz


HANNAH Oversize Denim Jacket, 389 euro at photo: Lena Zeldaz


HANNAH Misaki White Shirt, 169 euro at photo: Lena Zeldaz


HANNAH Cropped Light Blue Jeans, 170 euro and Nikko Light Blue Denim Shirt, 161 euro at photo: Lena Zeldaz


Nir Goeta and Rotem Mitz-Goeta


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