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statment jewelrys by Mercedes Salazar

Fantasy, exotics and escapist – designer Mercedes Salazar includes all these goodies in her designed jewelry, and makes you fly to new wonderful destination of beauty.

What makes her jewelry super interesting is her ability to infuse ancestral techniques from across Colombia, her native country, into the manufacturing process. She uses crafts methods such as crochet, straw weaving and palm weaving techniques from around the country, and she’s working with an interesting materials such as buttons, leather, metals nuts and bolts.

The result: beautiful handcrafted colourful statement jewelry, While it seems that her strength is especially big earrings

Gradually over the years she has used more techniques as blown glass and acrylics with encapsulated textiles and liquids, and Lately she even launched homeware raffia-strewn line, that is just as spectacular.

Her jewelry can be found at luxury website as and and of course at her home base


Mercedes Salazar Flying Mauve, now on sale 154 euro at


Mercedes Salazar Uno Vuelve Siempre, now on sale 41 euro at

Mercedes Salazar Xoloizcuintle del Atardecer, 72 euro at


Mercedes Salazar golden raphia strawberries earrings, on sale now 75 euro at


Mercedes Salazar set of 2 wild orange cup holders, 82 euro at


Mercedes Salazar Cerezas Silvestres Earrings, now on sale 80 euro at


Mercedes Salazar Wallflower Midday Sun, no on sale 99 euro at


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