Best outfit for quarantine time

Sailing away from the kitchen to the living room, while trying to look at your best during quarantine, can easily end as an emotional disaster.

Your main goal: staying away from your pyjamas. No matter how luxurious and ‘made out of silk’ it may be, this outfit makes it work only at peace times, when you’re out of home regularly. Otherwise it will probably make you feel depressed, lonely and useless, drawing you down to bed, leaving comfort behind.

You’re second mistake: being overdressed. Wearing your heels, a cocktail dress and the best makeup, just to binge Netflix, will probably achieve the opposite feeling of strange hallucination.

The longing goal: Kaftans! Reminding us the relaxed mediterranean vibes of staying home. It’s the ultimate home clothing that will make you feel you're staying home just because you feel like it.

It’s time to light a Diptyque candle, open a bottle of Chabli and have the perfect Galabia, one you can definitely wear out after Corona is over.

Gallabia Resort long robe, 149 euro at

sack's Zoe embroidery galabia dress, 117 euro at

Royal Gypsy Jedi hooded kaftan, 166 euro at

Dodo Bar Or Kate floral-print wrap maxi dress, 393 euro at

Vivimos women's vintage floralprint beach boho cardigan kimono maxi swimwear cover up dress wrap, 23 euro, at

Keren Shavit, 85 euro at

Royal Gypsy Himalaya Cape, 463 euro at

Gallabia Peru style gobelin maxi dress, 253 euro at


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