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Natural fashion by Lee Coren

Iֿn the search for the perfect vegan eco-friendly bag brand, we’ve discovered a whole new world of beautiful bags and scarfs, designed by Tel Avivian Lee Coren.

Animal friendly with maximum style, Coren makes items out of handmade screen printed fabrics, with her own unique patterns. “After completing my degree in visual communication nine years ago, I’ve started working as a graphic designer. I thought my dream is to dive between letters and spaces, creating perfect typographies for books and magazines”, says Coren, “but all this time there was a yearning for textile worlds that I briefly touched upon in school. I’ve decided to listen to this longing".

The design process involves collecting visual elements that she loves, and disassembled and assembled them into a new and exciting products. The brand’s items are 100% vegan, ethically handmade from sustainable materials sourced from local independent vendors. All of the items are sweatshop-free, animal friendly and PETA Approved.


Lee Coren Ciclo Bag, Half Moon, 107 euro at photo: Anna Bumagin


Lee Coren Cotton Scarf, Jewel, 57 euro at photo: Lee Coren


Lee Coren Travel Clutch, Arches, 53 euro at photo: Sophie Kirk


Lee Coren Star Dust collection. at photo: Lee Coren


Lee Coren Dulce Clutch & Chain, Arches, 58 euro at photo: Lee Coren


Lee Coren Box Crossbody, 116 euro at photo: Aya Wind


Lee Coren Wanderlust Rolltop, 142 euro at photo: Aya Wind


Lee Coren Bucket Crossbody, 107 euro at photo: Lee Coren


Lee Coren Jewel Rust Textile Wall Art. photo: Lee Coren


Lee Coren. photo: Aya Wind


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