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Now i'm yours, take me dancing

Rotem Asyas (graphic designer, a Shenkar college graduate) and Dana shay (shoes designer) are the establisher of NOON shoes - a 3 years old, hand made women’s shoes brand. This winter the two partners wish to make us feel like your legs never left home. “In this collection we have tried to create models that give the feeling of home even when you are outside, for example, a checha-boot made of soft lycra leather that fits the leg like a glove and has a hugging skin, and twisted moccasin shoes - made of soft leather and without internal keys in elegant and sharp line". The phrase that goes along with the collection is "Now i'm yours, take me dancing"and the price range is 232-300 euro


NOON Chacha Heeled Boot, 234 euro. photo: Tal Broshel


NOON Disco Lace Up Bootseuro, 234 euro. photo: Tal Broshel

NOON Ballet Sbat, 234 euro. photo: Tal Broshel


NOON Canal Mule Pumps, 208 euro. photo: Tal Broshel


photo: Tal Broshel


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