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Apple of Sodom by AHAVA

About four years ago, the company's CEO parked his hybrid vehicle in front of the Ahava workshop in the Dead Sea, under the Apple of Sodom tree, and fell in love with its special-shaped fruit and its purple blossoms. He contacted Ahava's chief scientist to produce effective raw material from the fruit of the tree. "Sodium apple fruit may only be reminiscent of an apple, but it is poisonous and not listed in any cosmetics as a raw material, the scientist explained him. But desert people do not give up easily, and after years of research Sodom apple was discovered as a new anti-aging material, not known before to mankind and Patented.

Why we love it?

Because AHAVA pledge to work in sustainably with the Dead Sea Also in the apple

Because As in all Ahava's products, the Dead Sea minerals are combined, and the creams are lightly perfumed with natural ingredients produced especially for AHAVA at Grass, France.

The series includes: Essence water, wrinkle cream, night mask and applicator.

You must choose only one? please please take the essence water which will become the holy water of your makeup case.


Apple of Sodom by Ahava. photo: Moti Fishbain


Apple of Sodom night mask. photo: Moti Fishbain


Apple of Sodom essence water. photo: Moti Fishbain


Apple of Sodom tree. photo: Moti Fishbain


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