Meet the Little Creative Factory

The Spanish label "Little Creative Factory", is all about little persons telling great fashion story, in a collection that looks like was bursted out of Tim Burton's spectacular mind. As the designers's team defined their own label: "Contemporary fabrics for classic designs with a modern twist".

The style: Artistic kind of style, but yet not a costume.

Who is it for? Women. Kids, Babies

Photo: Little creative factory

Woman Wax Pleated Skirt, 694 euro. Photo: Little creative factory

On the left: Woman Tweed Coat - Fawn, 1,999 euro. photo:

Woman Tweed Coat - Fawn, 1,999 euro. photo:

Baby Chunky Knit Overall, 145 euro. photo:

Woman Muslin Dress, 764 euro. photo:

Wax Wide Coat. 340 euro. photo:


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