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If you like Ikea but you'll never buy there

"You have a Swedish style", is for sure one of the best compliments One can give or take, and for that we have a crush on the Swedish (but of course) label "Hope". Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg launched their first women’s collection at 2001 and Starting spring 2017, all of their garments are marked with both men’s and women’s sizes.

You might love it if: you adore &otherstories but you feel the desgin lack a sufficient edge, and if you love to turn pages at the Ikea annual catalog but will never buy it because it's characterless. They consider sustainability at every step of the design, in a fair price and beautiful clothes, and 65 percent of their products are made in Europe.

Price range: 440 euro for duvet coat and 176 euro for SHIRT SWEATER and 344 euro for NOVA CHAIN LOAFER


Band Sweter, 392 euro. photo:


Nova Chain Loafer. 344 euro. photo:


Pleat shirt, 184 euro. photo:


Blank sweater, 184 euro. Ellipse Skirt, 216 euro, Rex boot: soon in stock. photo:


Soft blazer, 344 euro. Alta trousers 184 euro. Pleat shirt, 184 euro, Rex boot: soon in stock photo:


Grdae dress, 240 euro. photo:


Fringe scarf, 88 euro. photo:


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