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The organic world of Philp Martin's

With his high hair and great ambition, the Italian Mr. Mauro Trimigliozzi, created 35 years ago the "Philp Martin’s hair and cosmetics brand" - a very organic, very luxuries one. It started from hair care and now offers everything that deals with wellbeing - From candles to champagne glasses, men cosmetic products, body cream and facial etc.

We love it because

1. They have dozens of great products, all organic, all Elegantly packed, with the all the natural ingredients written right in front.

2. Because they have a great children’s catagory with a chocolate' smell shampoo and strawberry toothpaste.

3. Because all hair dye products are organic. They don’t itch and they are being nice to your scalp and to the hairdresser’s health.

4.Because Almost all the products contain Shea butter.

5.Because They offer a detox bar based on desirable ingredients such as Olives, Maple and sea salt.


Philip Martin's hair products. photo:


Tommy body cream, 35.50 euro. Tommy baby shampoo, 24.50 euro. photo:


In-oud unisex perfume, 131.80 euro. photo:


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